Accommodations in Ucluelet a great deal

Tofino may get most of the attention from government advertisers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find affordable accommodation on the west coast. You will also find a quiet town that doesn’t even seem that busy in July and August which are the busiest months of the summer season. Ucluelet took quite a bit longer to upgrade accommodation and bring in a couple resorts, but it has caught up in scale and you can find some great high end accommodation here overlooking the ocean.

Ucluelet is only 30 mins to Tofino and half that to the start of the beaches which will be on your left side as you drive up the coast. It is worth spending a few days exploring. You may want to start with the Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet though, as it is one of the prettiest trails in the world. Have a great time on your stay here!