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Best Area to Stay in Ucluelet

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Ucluelet is a relatively small town, but there are still a number of different areas to consider when booking to stay. Depending on what you’re after from your vacation, there might be a spot that suits your needs better than another. Check out the different areas of Ucluelet below:


The harbour can be a great place to stay in Ucluelet, especially if you’re booked in for an early morning fishing charter! The Ucluelet Harbour is relatively close to downtown, and offers a beautiful view of the inside passage. You can watch from your window as various vessels come and go, and enjoy relatively easy access to most of the things that Ucluelet has to offer in terms of the town and various tours.

The End of the Peninsula

Private coves and beaches are the draw for spending your nights at the end of the peninsula. With private views, cozy cabins and your own walk-on beaches, plus easy access to the Wild Pacific Trail, it is definitely a desirable place to lay your head in town.

The West Side

Beautiful luxury condos, stunning sunsets, easy access to small beaches… The west side of town is a delight, and is where Ucluelet’s top resorts and most desirable vacation rentals reside. It reaches the second half of the Wild Pacific Trail within minutes and gives you easy access into town.


The small town of Ucluelet is far from bustling, and that’s how people there like it. Staying right in town gives you cute views of Mount Ozzard and the harbour, with easy access to all the eats and shops. The Wild Pacific Trail isn’t too far away, either. In fact, nothing is. Staying downtown means pretty much everything, from the lighthouse loop, to Solidarity Snacks are right nearby.

Just Outside Downtown

On the way out of (or in to) Ucluelet can be a great spot to stay. There are plenty of campgrounds located in the area, and the other accommodation out that way is pretty cheap. Depending on what side of the way you’re on, you might even have a nice little bay view.

Mill Stream

Mill Stream is on the very outskirts of Ucluelet and while that may not appeal to some, it definitely has its perks. First, accommodation that way is fairly cheap because they know the convenience of town isn’t really all that convenient. You’ll need a car, but it’s likely you’ll already have rented one anyways. Again, the places usually have beautiful views and a different sense of seclusion that the other areas don’t offer. Finally, you’re way closer to Tofino and the surfing beaches than the other spots, and there are still plenty of trails around to explore.


There are more than a couple options for staying in Ucluelet, and while nothing is ever too far away no matter where you stay, you can definitely still have a preferred spot. Check out for the west-side luxury condos, and for the lowdown on other types of accommodation available in Ucluelet. For more on the town itself and the rest of Vancouver Island, pay a visit to


Camping in Ucluelet


People coming to the West Coast often seek to rejuvenate themselves and spend some quality time with Mother Nature. Not to mention, in the summer accommodation in Ucluelet can be very expensive. To get around the price and get back to nature, camping can be the way to go. Not sure it’s for you? Check out this pros and cons list for camping in Ucluelet to help you decide!


  • In Nature 24/7

-If the goal is to spend time with Mother Nature, camping is the way to do it. How refreshing!

  • Hot Tubs

-That’s right – some of Ucluelet’s campgrounds have hot tubs. One amenity you won’t have to give up!

  • Ocean Views

-Some of Ucluelet’s campgrounds have better ocean views than your standard hotel accommodation. Take that $400 nights!

  • Cheaper

-See above. Especially when split between friends, camping is the cheapest way to go. Your wallet and bank account will thank you.

  • Camping Food

-Food tastes better outdoors, plus you can have things like S’mores.

  • Campfires

-A real fire with that bonfire smoke smell beats a fake gas flame any day. Plus, again, S’mores.

  • Private or Social

-Camping can be as isolated or as communal as you want. Make friends with your neighbours, keep within your own site, for find a camp site tucked away in the forest.

  • Disconnected

-Once your battery dies, it’s just you and nature. Talk about a breath of fresh air!

  • Stars

-With hardly any light pollution from city lights, camping provides prime, star-gazing conditions.

  • Cool Camping Gear

-Retractable cups, a knife that’s also a flash light… There is some FUN gear for camping out there.


  • Need a Vehicle

-Both the campgrounds and surfing beaches are a bit farther from Ucluelet than ideal – you’ll definitely need a vehicle to get places other than your neighbour’s site.

  • Wet Wetsuits

-Especially if it rains all night, with no cozy mudroom to dry your suits, you’ll need to get used to wrestling into a cold, wet suit every day.

  • Pit Toilets

-Going to the bathroom basically outdoors, unless you pick a campground with normal toilets, might offer a bit more “back to nature” than you hoped for.

  • No Showers

-The ocean is your bath tub and your playground. Cold water is good for your muscles, right?

  • Cooking Outdoors

-While food does taste better outdoors, getting up first thing on a chilly morning to make a pot of coffee can be challenging. Especially if it’s raining outside.

  • Nowhere to Charge Electronics

-Disconnecting can be a con, especially if no social media is considered a punishment. Remember to bring a power bank if this is a scary thought.

  • Extra Planning

-Camping isn’t quite as easy as just showing up. There’s meal planning and gear planning, and setting up and tearing down and dressing for the weather…

  • Rain

-The West Coast of Vancouver also gets the most rain. Prepare for the possibility, even in the middle of summer.

  • Damp Everything

-A lower altitude and steady ocean breeze means pretty much everything will be damp in the morning, and sometimes all day. Yes, even the outhouse toilet paper.

  • Wild Animals

-Back to nature really means “back to nature” on the coast. Learn how to be bear aware, wolf aware and cougar aware before heading out to spend 24/7 outdoors.


If camping really isn’t your thing, check out for luxury, ocean-view condos to stay in instead!

For more on Ucluelet, check out


Fishing in Ucluelet

  Fishing in Ucluelet offers a wide variety of salmon and delicious other fish like Halibut. Ucluelet is set on Vancouver Island in the midst of rugged beauty, open Pacific waters and ancient forests. This small BC town is well known for fishing because it offers great fish to catch such as Chinook or King salmon that are seldom found in most other places and have been on the decline in such popular fishing destinations such as Alaska.

            Coho or Silver salmon are the second favorite for anglers after Chinook. Coho are very aggressive and the most easily caught salmon though they almost always put up a good fight. They can get up to 20 pounds though most range from 5-15 pounds during the summer months. They can be caught from Alaska down to Washington and are fun on light tackle. Off of British Columbia’s west coast and in Alaska is where most Coho salmon are caught. Similar to Chinook salmon, they can be caught in either the ocean or just before they spawn in rivers.

The Chinook is the most desired and largest of the salmon. Chinook salmon are caught from Alaska all the way down to California. The best places for fishing them are in British Columbia and Alaska with the general consensus of well-educated fisherman slightly swaying in the British Columbia direction of late. You can catch them either in the ocean or just before they spawn in rivers.

Sockeye salmon are thought to be the tastiest of salmon by some people and they have bright red meat. Sockeye usually range from 4 to 12 pounds and although they do not fight like Chinook or Coho, they are still fun to catch. While Sockeye salmon are fished for in rivers, they are best caught in the ocean. Sockeye salmon are caught mostly in British Columbia and Alaska. The Port Alberni Inlet is the closest place to Ucluelet to catch Sockeye. They are in the inlets from late June to July, however, can be caught off of Ucluelet during late July and August as the Fraser River run passes by.

 Chum salmon or Dog salmon are not frequently caught in the ocean and usually change color fairly quickly upon entering rivers mouths. At first glance, Chum salmon can often look like larger Coho when on a hook and they are scrappy in nature. Chum salmon are caught mostly in Alaska and northern British Columbia.

Pink salmon though apparently rich in vitamin K, are the least desired amongst salmon. Although in some places where pink salmon are mostly what is caught, in areas where other types of salmon are available, pink salmon are usually thrown back to Sea. They are caught from Washington all the way up Alaska.

Halibut do not put up much of a fight unless they are over 40 pounds when it comes to catching them but they are easy to make delicious, especially when smaller. Once they get over about 35 pounds, the halibut meat gets a little grainier and therefore do not taste as good as the smaller ones. Halibut fishing is usually good from May all the way through September and are found from Alaska all the way down to California.

Fishing in Ucluelet is great for a variety of salmon and halibut both of which are very delicious. When traveling to Ucluelet to fish, it is recommended to use a charter boat because most know what to look for, where to find it and how to catch it.