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Hostels in Ucluelet

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As far as accommodation goes, a hostel is often the cheapest choice and cheap is definitely something that is hard to come by on the west coast, especially during the summer season. They are, however, geared towards a particular crowd. Hostels are an accommodation typically for the younger travelers looking to save money on where they lay their heads to spend on other traveling goodies. Hostels can be a great way to meet other likeminded adventurers, and are a great way to stay in budget, while solving the problem of where to spend the night. Most have common rooms and a communal kitchen, too, so you can save more by shopping at the grocery store and cooking up a storm back at the hostel.

Today, the word “hostel” doesn’t have to bring up images of rows of bunk beds, smelly backpackers and restless nights thanks to the partiers. Many also have private units that, while still being cheaper than a night at a hotel, offer a more relaxing experience.

Ucluelet has two hostels in town – one a bit farther out with a large yard and pathway to the ocean, and the other right off of the main street with options for private rooms, as well as cottages. Compared to the hotels, motels, resorts and vacation rentals, they are a fantastic solution to finding a budget-friendly place to stay in Ucluelet. Not to mention, the staff is a ton of fun, and some even offer surf lessons and rentals!

Not convinced? Here’s a list of pros and cons to help decide of a hostel is the right place for you:



Kitchen and Common spaces

Make new friends

Private Rooms available


Bunk beds

Basic amenities

Younger crowd

Very Social

Can have more worn down furnishings etc.


To find out more about hostels and other accommodation available in Ucluelet, check out

Choosing the Right Accommodation for You


With so many choices popping up in Ucluelet, it can feel like there’s a lot of pressure on picking the perfect accommodation to suit your vacation. There are a lot of different points that will help determine whether you should be tucking in at night in a five-star resort, enjoying a cozy cabin, or pitching your tent in the perfect campground. Let’s get started and find that perfect accommodation for your west coast vacation.

First, a major determining factor on the west coast, especially during summer will be your budget. How much are you willing to spend per night? If you know you want the best of the best, prepare for upwards of $400 per night. If you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to your bank account, you can find a bed for as cheap as $30 a pop, but you’ll be staying in a hostel, or getting a campsite. Once you know how much you want to spend, you can start ruling places out.

What about an ocean view? You are on the coast after all. If seeing the ocean is a priority, you can rule out most of the downtown options and campgrounds. If hearing the surf, you’ve really narrowed it down. If you’re not as picky about being right by the ocean at all times during your visit, then you’ve got some more choosing to do.


If you’re bringing a pet, your choices are pretty easy. A number of places definitely don’t allow animals, so things like vacation rentals can all but be ruled out. Same with some of the hotels. However, campground and other cozy spots are super pet friendly, but you’ll need to consider a pet charge that usually applies per night on top of the room rate.

Finally, you need to choose what amenities are important to you. If the kids are demanding a pool and your wife wants a gym, it looks like you’re booking the West Coast Motel. Maybe you’d like to be able to cook your own meals – now you’re going to need to find the accommodation that offers full suites like Waters Edge, or Blackrock, or you might want to look into a vacation rental. To enjoy the great outdoors, you can choose any of the campgrounds in Ucluelet, and if you want a bed on a budget, there are a couple great hostels.

For a full list of accommodation options in Ucluelet, check out If you want a comparison to its popular neighbor, Tofino, pop by, too.

So, say you want a full kitchen to cook all your meals because you have a picky eater, and an ocean-view is a must for your time on the coast. You also need a bed for yourself, and your teenager really doesn’t want to be sharing a room with you while they’re checking their Instagram and Facebook late at night and you’re trying to sleep. A hot tub isn’t necessary, but a balcony, or patio sure would be nice. Plus, you’re on a bit of a budget, but can spend a bit more if the place is something special. Oh, and you’d like a fireplace… It gets cold on the coast. Sounds like a vacation rental would be the perfect choice. For an example of what you can get for a decent price, check out

Best Area to Stay in Ucluelet

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Ucluelet is a relatively small town, but there are still a number of different areas to consider when booking to stay. Depending on what you’re after from your vacation, there might be a spot that suits your needs better than another. Check out the different areas of Ucluelet below:


The harbour can be a great place to stay in Ucluelet, especially if you’re booked in for an early morning fishing charter! The Ucluelet Harbour is relatively close to downtown, and offers a beautiful view of the inside passage. You can watch from your window as various vessels come and go, and enjoy relatively easy access to most of the things that Ucluelet has to offer in terms of the town and various tours.

The End of the Peninsula

Private coves and beaches are the draw for spending your nights at the end of the peninsula. With private views, cozy cabins and your own walk-on beaches, plus easy access to the Wild Pacific Trail, it is definitely a desirable place to lay your head in town.

The West Side

Beautiful luxury condos, stunning sunsets, easy access to small beaches… The west side of town is a delight, and is where Ucluelet’s top resorts and most desirable vacation rentals reside. It reaches the second half of the Wild Pacific Trail within minutes and gives you easy access into town.


The small town of Ucluelet is far from bustling, and that’s how people there like it. Staying right in town gives you cute views of Mount Ozzard and the harbour, with easy access to all the eats and shops. The Wild Pacific Trail isn’t too far away, either. In fact, nothing is. Staying downtown means pretty much everything, from the lighthouse loop, to Solidarity Snacks are right nearby.

Just Outside Downtown

On the way out of (or in to) Ucluelet can be a great spot to stay. There are plenty of campgrounds located in the area, and the other accommodation out that way is pretty cheap. Depending on what side of the way you’re on, you might even have a nice little bay view.

Mill Stream

Mill Stream is on the very outskirts of Ucluelet and while that may not appeal to some, it definitely has its perks. First, accommodation that way is fairly cheap because they know the convenience of town isn’t really all that convenient. You’ll need a car, but it’s likely you’ll already have rented one anyways. Again, the places usually have beautiful views and a different sense of seclusion that the other areas don’t offer. Finally, you’re way closer to Tofino and the surfing beaches than the other spots, and there are still plenty of trails around to explore.


There are more than a couple options for staying in Ucluelet, and while nothing is ever too far away no matter where you stay, you can definitely still have a preferred spot. Check out for the west-side luxury condos, and for the lowdown on other types of accommodation available in Ucluelet. For more on the town itself and the rest of Vancouver Island, pay a visit to


Resorts in Ucluelet

In a place rich with stunning views and nature, there should be accommodation available that matches the splendor of the land. That’s definitely the case in Ucluelet, where after years of basic accommodation and camping, a few luxury resorts started to pop up. While a true, back-to-nature experience can be great, sometimes on vacation you just really want to treat yourself.

What to Expect

Ucluelet’s resorts are lavishly decorated in West Coast style. Expect cedar touches, soaring ceilings, and driftwood, beach finds and coastal hints everywhere. To fight off the rain and chill, most have cozy fireplaces that tempt you to take a seat next to its warmth and light. Massive picture windows are a must, as the ocean-views are as five-star as the resorts themselves. Service is friendly, the amenities fantastic and the comfort level of each of the rooms, lodges, cabins or suites will make it hard to leave in the morning to go explore. This is a bonus if visiting during the rainy season.

Cost Factor

While the cost of staying in a more upscale accommodation option in Ucluelet is a bit higher than others, it can be well worth it. For one, accommodation here in the summer is already expensive. If you truly want to treat yourself, then the extra cost to upgrade to a resort makes all the difference. If it’s completely out of the question in the summer, but you had your heart set on that first-class experience, try booking a suite in the winter. The offseason offers a unique experience of Ucluelet (winter storm watching!), and the cost of accommodation drops significantly.

The Experience

Fall asleep to the sound of the ocean and wake up with a morning walk on the beach – directly out front of your room. Spend the day at the spa, soak in the hot tub after a day’s adventure, or sip some wine watching sun set from your private patio. Cook a meal in your fully-equipped kitchen, or have someone else do the cooking at a highly ranked, onsite restaurant. Finish off the evening with a drink at the lounge listening to live music. The resorts in Ucluelet can offer any of these experiences, you just need to book the one that fulfills exactly what you want.

So, while Ucluelet can offer a rugged, outdoor experience, it also knows a thing or two about the luxury side of life. You’re encouraged to try it next time you visit Ucluelet BC on the west coast of Vancouver Island.


To find out more about Ucluelet’s resorts and accommodation, check out!

If you’re not sure a resort is the place for you, has some fantastic vacation rentals at a great price instead.