Choosing the Right Accommodation for You


With so many choices popping up in Ucluelet, it can feel like there’s a lot of pressure on picking the perfect accommodation to suit your vacation. There are a lot of different points that will help determine whether you should be tucking in at night in a five-star resort, enjoying a cozy cabin, or pitching your tent in the perfect campground. Let’s get started and find that perfect accommodation for your west coast vacation.

First, a major determining factor on the west coast, especially during summer will be your budget. How much are you willing to spend per night? If you know you want the best of the best, prepare for upwards of $400 per night. If you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to your bank account, you can find a bed for as cheap as $30 a pop, but you’ll be staying in a hostel, or getting a campsite. Once you know how much you want to spend, you can start ruling places out.

What about an ocean view? You are on the coast after all. If seeing the ocean is a priority, you can rule out most of the downtown options and campgrounds. If hearing the surf, you’ve really narrowed it down. If you’re not as picky about being right by the ocean at all times during your visit, then you’ve got some more choosing to do.


If you’re bringing a pet, your choices are pretty easy. A number of places definitely don’t allow animals, so things like vacation rentals can all but be ruled out. Same with some of the hotels. However, campground and other cozy spots are super pet friendly, but you’ll need to consider a pet charge that usually applies per night on top of the room rate.

Finally, you need to choose what amenities are important to you. If the kids are demanding a pool and your wife wants a gym, it looks like you’re booking the West Coast Motel. Maybe you’d like to be able to cook your own meals – now you’re going to need to find the accommodation that offers full suites like Waters Edge, or Blackrock, or you might want to look into a vacation rental. To enjoy the great outdoors, you can choose any of the campgrounds in Ucluelet, and if you want a bed on a budget, there are a couple great hostels.

For a full list of accommodation options in Ucluelet, check out If you want a comparison to its popular neighbor, Tofino, pop by, too.

So, say you want a full kitchen to cook all your meals because you have a picky eater, and an ocean-view is a must for your time on the coast. You also need a bed for yourself, and your teenager really doesn’t want to be sharing a room with you while they’re checking their Instagram and Facebook late at night and you’re trying to sleep. A hot tub isn’t necessary, but a balcony, or patio sure would be nice. Plus, you’re on a bit of a budget, but can spend a bit more if the place is something special. Oh, and you’d like a fireplace… It gets cold on the coast. Sounds like a vacation rental would be the perfect choice. For an example of what you can get for a decent price, check out