Resorts in Ucluelet

In a place rich with stunning views and nature, there should be accommodation available that matches the splendor of the land. That’s definitely the case in Ucluelet, where after years of basic accommodation and camping, a few luxury resorts started to pop up. While a true, back-to-nature experience can be great, sometimes on vacation you just really want to treat yourself.

What to Expect

Ucluelet’s resorts are lavishly decorated in West Coast style. Expect cedar touches, soaring ceilings, and driftwood, beach finds and coastal hints everywhere. To fight off the rain and chill, most have cozy fireplaces that tempt you to take a seat next to its warmth and light. Massive picture windows are a must, as the ocean-views are as five-star as the resorts themselves. Service is friendly, the amenities fantastic and the comfort level of each of the rooms, lodges, cabins or suites will make it hard to leave in the morning to go explore. This is a bonus if visiting during the rainy season.

Cost Factor

While the cost of staying in a more upscale accommodation option in Ucluelet is a bit higher than others, it can be well worth it. For one, accommodation here in the summer is already expensive. If you truly want to treat yourself, then the extra cost to upgrade to a resort makes all the difference. If it’s completely out of the question in the summer, but you had your heart set on that first-class experience, try booking a suite in the winter. The offseason offers a unique experience of Ucluelet (winter storm watching!), and the cost of accommodation drops significantly.

The Experience

Fall asleep to the sound of the ocean and wake up with a morning walk on the beach – directly out front of your room. Spend the day at the spa, soak in the hot tub after a day’s adventure, or sip some wine watching sun set from your private patio. Cook a meal in your fully-equipped kitchen, or have someone else do the cooking at a highly ranked, onsite restaurant. Finish off the evening with a drink at the lounge listening to live music. The resorts in Ucluelet can offer any of these experiences, you just need to book the one that fulfills exactly what you want.

So, while Ucluelet can offer a rugged, outdoor experience, it also knows a thing or two about the luxury side of life. You’re encouraged to try it next time you visit Ucluelet BC on the west coast of Vancouver Island.


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